Life coaching: The shortcut to your optimal life

In which areas do you feel that your life is completely fulfilled and happy? In your family, in your partnership, your job or maybe in your personal development? Are there areas where you feel you are not yet reaching your full potential?

Through life coaching, you recognize these untapped potentials and shape your life according to your ideas: make clear decisions, build self-esteem and self-confidence, improve work-life balance and health, lead harmonious relationships. What has kept you from living your life the way you want to live it? What changes have you made, but not yet implemented?

In our life coaching sessions, you'll find the answers, solve your limiting beliefs, and set clear goals to realize your vision, step by step, full of motivation.

Why do I need a Life Coach?

The thing is: you do not need one. A good life coach will not give you any solutions that are not already dormant in you. But he will help you to find, track and achieve these solutions yourself. As a Life Coach, I'll cover your blind spots and help you find clarity and motivation to do it - much faster than you could have done it on your own.

Maybe you already initiated a personal or professional change in your life. Then you know how difficult such a change can be. Often we start full of energy ... and then fall back into our old rut. We have an idea of ​​what we would like to have different, but the really lasting change does not succeed.

Responsible for it are often limiting and weakening beliefs. These are rules that we are partly unaware of. We might believe for example subconsciously believe that "Rich people are egoists" and keep on wonderin that simply not enough money comes into our lives.

Or we have learned at a young age that relationships are a source of pain and sadness - and this belief keeps us from having a loving and trusting relationship. We all form a very subjective reality that can prevent us from seeing the full spectrum of possibilities. With the help of a Life Coach you can dissolve such beliefs and figuratively cut the ribbon that holds you back in life.

How does life coaching work?

Life coaching offers you the opportunity to view your life situation objectively from the outside. Through targeted questions I will show you new perspectives and point of views. This makes deadlocked situations tangible challenges that you can master with the right strategies. You reinterpret situations, even the past can become an experience from which you learn instead of being blocked by it.

These strategies are in your hands. They work like tools that you can use as needed. Once learned, they are always at your disposal, so you will use them outside the coaching sessions. Problems that you have not been able to solve before become training ground for trying out your new strategies.

Often the causes of untapped potential lie in our past. In life coaching, however, you always focus on your future and the question of how you can make the best out of your life. Sometimes that means you will leave your comfort zone. Again, your Life Coach supports you. As a neutral observer, he usually sees your options more clearly than you.

Which topics benefit life coaching?

Often clients come to see me with a specific request, and in the course of our coachings it turns out that the challenges lie elsewhere. Other clients do not have a specific concern, but simply feel that they are staying below their possibilities or that something in their life does not fit or is missing. The contents of life coaching sessions are as diverse as we humans and our life paths.

In life coaching, we always start from the topic that concerns you and take it as an example. By solving it, you also learn how to "get better" in other situations - so you will feel more clarity and lightness after only a few sessions. At the same time we follow the thread further to the underlying causes. Herein lies the potential to make your life lasting the way you want it to. We also work on your energy level, your attention and your reflection of daily experiences.

Common topics in life coaching are:

• Conflicts in your social environment or in your partnership
• Career changes and career perspectives
• Strenghten self-confidence and resilience
• Life balance, work-life balance and quality of life
• Improve your life quality and your health
• Personality development, meaning of life nad spirituality

If you want to bring lasting change into your life, you should plan a coaching period of at least 6 months. During this time, we look at your entire life - because when you change something in one area of ​​life, it will affect all other areas. By linking all areas together, you will achieve a life balance that allows you happiness and fulfillment.

Life coaching: first steps

To prepare our first session, you will complete a questionnaire. Our first session lasts 90 minutes, so we have time to get to know each other and already work on your topic. Often the first coaching session is about defining exact goals for what you want to achieve in your life. Our timetable is based on your individual needs, but follows a superordinate process, which I will explain to you in detail on our first appointment. Even if you only feel that you want to change "something", that you are dissatisfied, without knowing exactly what you want to change, this is a great starting point.

For most clients, a session every two weeks over a period of 6 months makes the most sense. After that, a session per month helps to keep their momentum and not stray from the course. For urgent challenges, shorter intervals make sense to quickly change an unpleasant situation. I also offer coaching sessions via Skype, Facetime or by phone. I also offer coachings in German, French and Spanish.

Costs Life Coaching

The cost of the first session (90 minutes) is 200 Euro, for each additional unit (50 minutes) about 180 Euro, depending on our agreement (all prices include VAT).